Enchanted Error?

Mark and I just got home from seeing the movie ENCHANTED. Amy Adams’ earnest princessness was delightful, despite the overly swelling score and rather abundant product placement of New York icons such as McDonald’s (I haven’t eaten there since I saw SUPERSIZE ME) and Coca-Cola.

However, I noticed a glaring error in the movie. The plot builds to a climax at the King and Queen’s Ball in New York City. People dress in medieval costumes and dance what appears to be a spastic version of an English country dance (think Jane Austen meets a robot). The Ball’s announcer says, “And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the King and Queen’s Waltz.” Partners are gathered, the music begins, and a rather long “waltz” ensues.

Now I’m no musician, although I have spent 100’s of hours on stage with them. And I am 99.9% sure that the King and Queen’s Waltz is not a waltz. Instead it’s something in 4/4 time. The fantastical pyrotechnics that follow, Godzilla-style, may have banished this observation from many viewers’ heads, but surely some musician took note?

What say ye, bloggers?

2 thoughts on “Enchanted Error?”

  1. I also thought this Waltz was not a Waltz. It distracted me from the movie when I first saw it and every time since then. It should be in 3/4 time, not 4/4 time. But perhaps they were making it in 8/12 time? The dance looked good and the movie is great but that one scene always makes me think too much about what was said: “The King and Queen WALTZ”.

  2. Har & blech play “French Waltz,” which is not a waltz. And “Chorus Jig” is a reel, not a jig. so……. all waltzes aren’t waltzed.

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