Merri Calling by Tom Leith 011317
photo by Tom Leith

Merri Rudd, Dance Caller

She DOES look gentle and relaxed...
photo by Jerry Ray Weinert

“Contra Dancing:
for women, it is flirting without intent;

for men, it is handling without commitment.”
Merri Rudd

"Quirky-Albuquerquean caller, Merri Rudd, reigns in New Mexico with abundant wit and charm. Her dances are often replete with literary quotes, funny quips, and lots of fast swings, gypsy’s, and medleys!" says a dancer. Find out more about Merri and learn what others think on her bio page.

Photos from Prescott, AZ’s 15th MayMadness Dance Weekend, May 2006.

Merri’s Blog with Folk Enews and road trip reports.

Merri’s Dance & Caller Workshops.

Please contact Merri at merridancing @ gmail .com (had trouble with spammers, so you’ll have to type the address. Thanks!)

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