Albuquerque Dancing

Saturday’s dance at the Albuquerque Square Dance Center had over 60 attendees. Unfortunately, there were 15 extra women! Come on, guys, women only want one thing from guys: a guy who can dance. Don’t you have friends you want to include in the sport of contra dancing?! I’m willing to dance the man’s part some of the time, but not all of the time.

Sunday’s dance was spectacular! Noralyn Parsons called the entire evening of elegant English and zesty contras, including the Fandango, Winter Dreams, Eternal Bond, The Wedding Ring (a cool mixer by Erik Hoffman), and the Bee’s Knees. THIRTY-FIVE dancers showed up, a record high from the usual 20 or so. The Dance Studio looked lovely with lights and snowflakes. Gary Papenhagen was joined on fiddle by one of his 14-year-old students, Bo Olcott on guitar, and Lou Blackwell on bass. They musically emphasized the balances, made the English tunes hang in the air, and had a grand old time playing. We had virtual gender balance and were joined by 22-year-old T.J. Womack, son of Richard. He was a GOOD dancer! I told him to bring a dozen friends next time. A couple from Jemez Springs had found the dance on the internet and they attended. Now they want to host a dance in Jemez Springs, outside under the stars. Let me know if you want to play or call for that.

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